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[Korean Times] "In the first place, I don't consider the Korean market," said CEO Jung

Jung Hyun Kyu Bioplus president interview. "The Chinese government has full support of Hainan book beauty and cosmetic businesses big dream" China, economic and absolutely support the health zones, permit charge station.

Chairman Jung Hyun-Kyu (left) of Bioplus, a producer of filler products, is an essential ingredient in cosmetics and cosmetics, cold wind blows over the Korean manufacturing industry, but Jiangsu ventures with the world's highest level of technology are making great strides on the world stage. There are not a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises in Korea who go through day-to-day hardships and make new myths by running day and night to prove their superiority. BioPlus , a venture company that produces fillers , which are the main ingredients in cosmetics and cosmetics, is gaining recognition as the best technology in the field of medical raw materials. Bioplus, which has the ambition to become a medical bio evangelist who dreams of "raising the beauty standard'' with its unique technology, has already started to produce fillers for the first product, Skinplus-Hyal . The company's sales have soared since its exports to China. Full of confidence that the world is wide and there are many places to go. The second plant in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do has more complicated facilities than the semiconductor plant. It is important to process fine dust in semiconductors, but the factory must catch fine dust as well as germs. The product has been recognized in the market just four years ago, with the best development personnel enduring over 15 years of hardship. “I've starved a lot and work stress is a life partner,” Jung Hyun Kyu (62) Chairman Bioplus recently met in his office. -What are your main products? "Hyaluronic acid ( Hyaluronic Acid and HA have the ingredients of a polysaccharide polymer that) to produce the product. This raw material is used to make products using a cross -linking technology called cross -linking . The most difficult of them is filler. Another product being developed can be together after the surgery, organ, including the coalescing agent that prevent the sticking between the surgical site, and joint tissues reproduce, Wed bladder tissue and clone research is one 7-8. " - filler mainly where I use it. “The filler is literally a supplement. Replenish your face if your skin or other wounds are sunk. HA is a substance in our body that is biocompatible. It can be thinned to your skin or put to your nose. It is very active towards beauty such as nasolabial folds. These days, my chest is filled with fillers without implants. If you do not have the highest quality fillers, you will have side effects. The same goes for hips. And in Europe, it is also used in obstetrics and gynecology.-How to use in obstetrics and gynecology. “Used to aid vaginal contractions. Men also use it to enlarge their penis. It is also used when the back of the hand is burned by ultraviolet rays. There is also a whitening and bactericidal effect. HA itself into the filler absorbs about 3,000 times of water. It can be moist and firm. ”-What is the difference between an existing product and an HA product? “The fillers made with HA make up the majority (99%) of the world. It also depends on how you make the filler. Crosslinking is a crosslinking bond that makes them solid. First of all, the difference is that we use a crosslinking material called DVS ( Divinyl Sulfone ). This material itself is very sensitive and difficult to handle. In addition, the molecular ring is short and the molecular weight is low. It is very sensitive but has good crosslinking. Many companies use DVS. I tried and most failed. Only four places in the world have succeeded. We have incorporated three unique technologies here. The first technology combines the HA that just as the cross-linked microbeads ( Micro Bead is a way of bridging made of tiny beads and invisible to the eye). Do it three times instead of once. Nobody can make it like our product. That's why we have worked on naming our technology and will be listing our technology globally. ” -What's the difference between Filler and Botox? “Botox and filler are complementary and competing products. Botox is also widely used in the beauty market. So I use a filler where I use botox or botox instead of a filler. Botox is not a filling material, so getting rid of fine lines is all. Inject botox into your spatula or square jaw to numb your muscles. Then it will degenerate. So make it thin. Botox has two roles. If you have fine lines on your skin, add some poison. Botox is poison. Putting it in will stretch your skin. This eliminates wrinkles. If you paralyze, you can't use your muscles, so you'll degenerate and thin it. Also used in calf. But Botox has its drawbacks. If you continue to use Botox, you will become resistant. Moreover, the maintenance period is short. So the botox market is stagnant and the filler market is growing. " - Botox and fillers are drugs(?), but look as medical devices. "Yes. Filler is a medical device and has a grade, and our product is the highest grade, medical device grade 4. How many years do you stay in your body? That is why it is the highest grade. It's actually the level of medicines. ”

Bioplus Chairman Jung Hyun Kyu talks about how he became a bio venture company and his products. Actor journalists.

- Is it possible to use the anti aging? ", mainly used a lot in there. It also prevents some aging. The moment you hit the filler, it draws moisture or these things. This makes it a bit taut and moist. At the same time, good nutrition from the blood vessels. In that sense, it's anti-aging. ” -There are aspects that will help the elderly. “It's not that helpful. The age of filler treatment is increasing nowadays. Age groups have risen from their 20s to their 60s and 70s. ” -How is the market? “In the beginning, the domestic market was not in mind. Exported from Japan. After that, it goes to 60 countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, the United States, and Latin America. The domestic market itself is very intense. The country is also not well recognized for its quality and ability. We tend to be conversed by advertising or big business frames, so we've got the big conglomerates looking for them by exporting. The filler is a consumer doctor. The patient chooses the filler, not the patient. It doesn't sell directly to doctors. ” -Maybe the biggest market is China. “We do not have an import permit yet, so we are exporting to China through other trading companies. China is 50% of the world market. It can be expensive. Many people have high income levels. But it also costs a lot of money to get an import permit. In the meantime, the Chinese partner recommended it and turned to Hainan. Hainan is very much supported by the central government of China. There are special economic zones, special tourism zones and medical special zones. It's a new adventure in China. Hainan has attracted hospitals with advanced medical technologies. The hospital can also use unauthorized medicines. There are large hospitals, with plans to increase to 150 in the future. Millions of pyeong become a medical complex. Ultimately it is medical tourism. The plan is to build the largest complex in the world for the purpose of taking a break and getting treatment and surgery. This freed up imports of medicines. In order to speed up the import permit, the KFDA's permitting authority came down from the central government. It gave me the authority to finalize the permit here, without any central sanctions. That's why we've made inroads and plan to build a large hospital based there. We are going to build the world's largest hospital with cosmetics and plastic surgery. ”-Isn't it a big dream for us now? “It's not big at all. The factory will be built with the support of the Chinese government in Hainan. The decision has already been made and the company is being established. The land price of about 20 billion won was sold to about 1.7 billion. The land in the bonded area benefited from the need for the Chinese government to accept our technology. We will build a hospital in a bonded area. It's a joint venture and half the investment. ”

BioPlus employees are checking the production process at the Seongnam plant. Actor Reporter

-I don't know if the price is competitive because it is a highly-priced product. “Our products cost more and take longer to build. The quality is good but selling at a low price makes no sense. At first I starved a lot. I was hungry. It is not sold because it is expensive. But I went on. I didn't take my salary. Only money kept investing. It's been years since our products became known. Expensive but good quality. The situation is now reversed. There are a lot of buyers who ask you to buy it, no matter how expensive it is. ”

BioPlus researchers are conducting research on their products at the Seongnam Research Institute.

-The future goal is? “When I started this company, I had a goal of '2020'. In 2020, it will eat 20% of the global market, which is the number one in the world. That has increased in clinical and licensed processes. By 2025, the company aims to become the world's No. 1 with sales of 300 billion won. It will be the number one domestic company next year. ”-Does our government help? “I don't want it at all. The concept of technology seems to be falling a lot in our government. Institutional investors and securities firms are selling more than technology. The genetic modification of the cloud catching bio, or the technology that can actually make money by looking only at this technology is neglected. That's why I don't have any support. ” Jae-Woo Cho, Senior Reporter, Industry Department josus 62 @