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BioPlus completes the 2nd Factory, declaring “BioPlus SeasonⅡ”

Chairman Jung Hyun-Kyu said, "For more far and higher leap, let's make history together."

Bioplus declared its start of 2nd season.

Bioplus held a ceremony to mark the completion of its Seongnam 2nd factory in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, Korea, on 18, Oct.. ​

​ ▲ CEO Jung Hyun-kyu of BioPlus delivers a speech at the opening ceremony of the Seongnam 2nd factory on Wednesday.

"By integrating and expanding Daejeon Factory and Research Center, we have completed expanding our second factory in Seongnam to enhance the speed, efficiency, and integration of management, to proactively expand production capabilities, and to strengthen the R&D capability of new products," CEO Chung Hyun-kyu said. " BioPlus will actively open the second BioPlus era for further and higher leaps." Bioplus, which was established in 2013, has been steadily developing HA filler products. This is a so-called "Hidden Champion" that has steadily expanded its supply volume to target overseas markets strategically by developing bio products, aiming the goal, "Upraising the beauty standard",

▲ CEO Chung Hyun-kyu and other Bio Plus officials are making tape cuts at the completion ceremony of the 2nd factory in Seongnam on 18, Oct..

"We are going to expand our second factory in order to increase our supply capacity due to external growth and to proactively expand our production base for new products." said a representative for BioPlus. Accordingly, a 3,000-square-meter second factory and research space has been set up on the Ulim Lion's Valley in Seongnam. Bioplus has been stepping up efforts to explore overseas markets by releasing new products such as InterBlock, anti-adhesive agent and SynoFil, synovial fluid. In addition, the company obtained approval to manufacture medical devices for animals and entered the pet market with domestic and export permits for animal fillers and anti-adhesion agents. The pet market is expected to steadily grow around the world. Meanwhile, Bioplus was the first in Korean filler industry to obtain MDSAP (Medical Device Single Audit Program) certification through BSI and received certifications from major countries at once. As a result, the time and cost of quality certification procedures, as well as the five advanced countries such as the U.S. and the U.K., can be greatly reduced.

▲BioPlus officials, including CEO Jung Hyun-kyu, shout "Let's go!" at the completion ceremony of the 2nd factory in Seongnam on Wednesday. In addition, the company has participated in various external marketing events every year, including leading exhibitions and seminars and counseling around the world, such as "Europe AMWC," "Miami Expo held in USA," "Malaysia Cosmo Beauty" and "Mexico EXPOMed2019." It is currently participating in the Jakarta and CMEF exhibitions in Qingdao, Indonesia, and is scheduled to participate in the InterCHARM exhibition in Moscow, Russia. BioPlus stressed that it is essential to find out global market trends and seek opportunities to participate in various markets.

Since the start of production of the brand Skinplus-Hyal, which won its first product license since its founded, Bioplus has been racing the global market in the sense that it cannot guarantee the company's continued growth and future when only focusing on the limited domestic market. It exports self-developed products to more than 50 countries, including China, Europe, the Americas, South America and Africa. With the completion of its 2nd factory in Seongnam, Bioplus announced plans to develop new business for its medical device business, led by Inner Beauty and Anti-aging products, by researching the best products with bio-compatible safety and sustainability. "Until now, the construction of the 2nd factory, as well as research and development and market opening, was possible solely through the blood and sweat of executives and employees without any external force," said CEO Jung Hyun-kyu. "Let's make a splendid history of Bioplus with the will to start a second business and leap forward. Bioplus stressed that all of its executives and employees are owners.