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Participation in 'InterCHARM Autumn' Exhibition, Russia '19

BioPlus participated in the four-day 'InterCHARM Autumn 2019' exhibition in Russia from 23 to 19 Oct.

This exhibition is the largest in CIS countries, including Russia, and in Eastern Europe.

Due to the excellent technology and long-standing reliability of Bioplus's products, we have tried to keep up with our interests in Russia and CIS clients. Currently, Russia is an rapidly growing market for HA fillers along with China, and according to a report released by the ISAPS, the number of plastic surgeons in major countries has increased by more than 40 percent annually in 2010-2014 and this fact shows the market is growing rapidly. Despite the first participation in the Russian Intercham exhibition last year, Bioplas has achieved several major business deals. From this 2019 InterCham Autumn exhibition, BioPlus focuses on communicating with more dealers and local doctors and promoting new products. Through this 'InterCham' exhibition and follow-up meetings, we expect to accelerate our efforts to increase sales to the Russian market and to the neighboring CIS countries. . We will continue to participate in Russian and Ukrainian 'InterCham' exhibitions and other major exhibitions too. So please keep your interest in our next endeavors.