Participation result in the Inter-Cham Beauty Fair in Ukraine

September 16, 2019

Bioplus participated in the 2019 Intercharm UKRAIN held in Kiev, Ukraine, for three days from September 18, 199.

Ukraine, a newly emerging and emerging leading market, has seen more than 100 percent growth in the plastic surgery and beauty market every year, and is even more anticipated because Korean companies have not yet entered the market.

This exhibition is the largest beauty fair in Ukraine and has the scale and recognition of being in TOP3 in the CIS region, and boasts a wide range of buyers with visits from neighboring countries such as Romania, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

Bioplus was able to realize the popularity of our new mesotherapy product, Kiara Reju. Although we have not yet officially launched in Ukraine, we are seeing brisk sales there, and local doctors have been deliberately visiting our booth to purchase Kiara Reju. Local doctors are very satisfied with the Kiara Reju product and would like to see an increase in the local sales network.

Bioplus finished licensing Ukrainian medical devices earlier this year, and is approaching doctors and local dealers with confidence. Through this exhibition, we have held positive discussions with three major Ukrainian cosmetics and beauty aesthetic distributors about the possibility of signing Bioplus and will officially distribute various products.

In the future, you can look forward to the success of Bioplus in the Ukrainian market for beauty and plastic medical devices.

Bioplus will continue to make efforts to explore overseas markets. Please pay a lot of attention.

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