Leader in HA filler manufacturing

BioPlus launches anti-adhesive barrier agent (dressing, deep cavity wound)

-Anti-adhesive barrier agent of pure HA

-Sales contract through Medtronic Korea

-Acceleration of market expansion through overseas market development

BioPlus Co., Ltd. launched new product InterBlock on February 26.

Inter Block, an anti-adhesive barrier agent for spine (domestic market) , is a product produced using pure HA (hyaluronic acid) without using chemical thickeners and can provide a safe and complete anti-adhesion effect.

In particular, the InterBlock uses BioPlus's hyaluronic acid MCL (multistaged cross-link) technology can easily adjust the viscosity, which enhances the convenience of surgery.

Bioplus InterBlock decided to proceed with domestic sales through specialized consulting and distribution of Medtronic, a multinational company specializing in medical devices.

In the future, we plan to accelerate overseas expansion, including distribution and sales through pioneering overseas markets, as well as securing overseas production bases through technology exports.