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HyalDew, a new filler based on micro bead technology

-The end to unnatural surgery -Becoming beautify in a natural and safe way is the key point to Natural Plastic Surgery
As one grows in age, so does the naso-labial folds, sagging of cheeks and fine wrinkles around the face. There are various ways to quickly improve these naturally ocurring aging process, and as people become busy they tend to search for simple procedures, making botox and fillers a popular choice. Different from the past, now the trend is to find the most natural look instead of the past drastic effects, with procedures that will provide the most beauty. HyalDew has received attention to have introduced a new technology that maintains volume in a natural way. Director Young Hwan Kim of Lian Plastic Surgery explains that "HyalDew applies micro-bead technology resulting in a very natural moldability giving a more natural finish and therefore the product has become popular among patients who want a natural surgery." Moreover he explains that "one additional important factor apart from the natural look is how long the volumizing effect will last and how safe the product is. HyalDew and the applied micro-bead technology has increased longevity making a more long-lasting product." It is very important to find out about moldability and longevity of products prior surgery instead of regreting from taking an unnatural surgery with short longevity. Internet Marketing Team [Copyright ⓒDigital Times]