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January 11, 2016

[Money Today B&C Team] Recently, 'Baby Face' has become the standard to beauty increasing the number of people wanting a 'baby face' in this coming new year. Therefore, much effort is given by drinking large quantities of water and applying makeup and UV protection. But to undo the aging process is not an easy job.


 Director Hye Won Shin/Source=CDOracle


Dermatologies are seeking fillers more and more as it can simultaneously both provide volumizing effect and skin flexibility while also improving wrinkles. Fillers provide contouring and eliminates wrinkles which results in a 'baby face' effect.


Moreover, it is a non surgical procedure, that only requires a syringe needle, and therefore it is less probable to cause swelling and inflammation and so it is sought by both men and women. In order to satisfy the consumer, fillers are becoming more competitive. Among them is SkinPlus-HYAL, a product that shows both longevity and safety.


SkinPlus-HYAL is a filler that applies patented MCL (Multi-staged Cross Linking Technology). A three stage process is run to create micro beads of HA to produce a high viscosity and a highly safe product. Moreover it can be dissolved easily if the results are not satisfactory.


The product shows excellent volumizing effect and drastically reduced migration effects prolonging its shape after the procedure. The product last 3-5 years and can be used in the nose, chin and nasolabial folds. It is a safe filler with no alterations in its chemical properties.


Dermatologis Director Hye Won Shin says that "SkinPlus-HYAL shows high longevity compared with other products already prooved in the correction of the nose, chin and the nasolabial folds, making it a popular filler," and adding that "the characteristics are different for very filler product. Consumers should consult their dermatologist to select the most appropriate filler product."


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