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Research & Development

Research & Development

BioPlus Co., Ltd. creates a firm foundation based on continuous research & development and its strong competitiveness. Through diversification of bio products and understanding and satisfying customer's

needs and wants BioPlus Co., Ltd. realizes the value on respect for life.


New products create business opportunity and foundation for new sales that allows BioPlus Co., Ltd

to invest in the research for future products and key materials. An ongoing cycle that allows us to share our knowledge and experience with the public. By strenghtening our technological capabilities,

we strive to contribute to the well being.


Patented Core Technology

Microbead and its manufacturing process

using Polysaccharide Polymer

Development Period


Development Method






Differentiation with

Competing products





7 years


Self developed  (Patent No. 0548965)


Shows high biocompatibility and biological safety using biomacromolecule. Can be used to regenerate skin tissue
in areas of loss


Manufacturing into microbead results in increased

longevity – overcoming the disadvantage that conventional HA Fillers possess


Marketing available as single product (SkinPlus – Hyal).

Anti-adhesive, arthritis treatment ( KneePlus- One), opthalmic surgery aid

Manufacturing process of porous sponge using Hyaluronic Acid

7 years


Self developed  (Patent No. 0523701)


Shows high biocompatibility and biological safety using biomacromolecule. Increased volume, antibiosos, anti-inflamatory, and used as anti-adhesive between human tissue


Increased convenience of use due to its solid stage processing; manufacturing of size based on area of use suitable for endoscopy surgery


Marketing available as single product. Can be used as supporter for culturing stem cells. Can be manufactured as anti-adhesive in sheet form.