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What is a Filler?

The actual word derives its meaning from the word “to fill.”

It is a syringe normally used to provide dimensions in the face area (cheeks, chin, nose ) or remove wrinkles

(eye and mouth, nasolabial fold, forehead)

based on its composition it can be categorized into Hyaluronic Fillers (HA Fillers) and Non-hyaluronic

Filler (Collagen/Calcium Filler).

Advantages and disadvantages of HA Fillers


HA fillers can be dissolved through hyaluronidase;

it provides security and therefore favored by doctors and have a high market share  of 80-90%.

However absorption is fast resulting in a short life and companies are struggling to develop

long-lasting HA fillers.


Long lasting Non-HA Fillers do exist, however due to safety issues it is not favored by doctors resulting

in a low market share of 10-20%.